Diviprakash Kuppusamy

Student | Entrepreneur | Developer | Social Worker

About Me

Passionate for Design, Prototyping, Robotics, and Technology. Goal to find effective and affordable solutions using technology to solve real world problems. As the world continues to thrive, I want to advance our technologies even farther than ever before, 1 step at a time.


Vice President at Conestoga Robotics Club and Captain of 6121D , Qualified for National and World championship. Getting ready for season 2021!!!

Reference Links

Vex Competition 2018-19 - Turning Point

Vex Competition 2019-20 - Tower Takeover


Strong believer of technology helps to solve practical problem


Co-Founder, Non-profit organization to support medical and frontline works during this COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to bring community of volunteers together to produce PPE using 3D printing.
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Engaging young children to learn in fun way.
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Tennis Player, Particiapted in Under 10 - North Carolina State championship. Conestoga Tennis team JV Player from last 3 years


Trombone, Band and Solo Trombone player, participated in Concert Band, Jazz Band and Marching Band


Interested in nature photography


Tredyffrin Public Library

Support Public library for 2 years Shelving and science fair events organized at library

Paoli Hospital | Mainline Health

Patients transport volunteer during the school year 2019-20

PALs | Conestoga High School

School volunteer in helping to organize and support events

Electric Car

Future Prediction By Divi

Moon Phases

Young Divi for Science

RFID using Pi

Raspberry Pi Project


Stop Motion Animation